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Educational Animals

Educational Animals


ollieGroundhog, “Sheldon” aka “Oil Springs Ollie”

Meet Ollie he was orphaned as a baby and because of his time spent with people, he became habituated to humans. Being fearless of humans is a trait that would spell his demise if he was released back into the wild. Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue agreed to take Ollie in at the centre as a permanent resident. Ollie is now an HWR Educational Ambassador. Ollie goes with us to events and educational presentations



Striped Skunk, “Stinkerbutt”

Meet Stinkerbutt he was orphaned as a baby and had problems with his back legs. Due to his disability Stinkerbutt could not be released back to the wild. HWR has taken him in as a permanent resident and is providing the care he needs. Stinkerbutt is an educational animal and comes to some or our events and educational programs to help teach the public about skunks and why they are an important part of our ecosystem.



Painted Turtle, “Talia”

Meet Talia, she was admitted to HWR after she was confiscated from a home in southern Ontario. Ontario’s wildlife are not pets and it is illegal to keep wildlife. Talia could not be released back to the wild because she was habituated to humans and her origin was unknown. So Talia will lives here at HWR and has joined our educational team.