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Educational Animals

Educational Animals


ollieGroundhog, “Sheldon” aka “Oil Springs Ollie”

Meet Ollie he was orphaned as a baby and because of his time spent with people, he became habituated to humans. Being fearless of humans is a trait that would spell his demise if he was released back into the wild. Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue agreed to take Ollie in at the centre as a permanent resident. Ollie is now an HWR Educational Ambassador. Ollie goes with us to events and educational presentations



Striped Skunk, “Stinkerbutt”

Meet Stinkerbutt he was orphaned as a baby and had problems with his back legs. Due to his disability Stinkerbutt could not be released back to the wild. HWR has taken him in as a permanent resident and is providing the care he needs. Stinkerbutt is an educational animal and comes to some or our events and educational programs to help teach the public about skunks and why they are an important part of our ecosystem.



Painted Turtle’s, “Talia and Tansy”

Talia and Tansy were both admitted to HWR after they were confiscated from separate homes in southern Ontario. People had stolen them from their home in the wild. Ontario’s wildlife are NOT pets and it is illegal to keep wildlife. Talia and Tansy could not be released back to the wild because they were habituated to humans and their origins were unknown. So, Talia and Tansy live here at HWR and they both have joined our educational team.   



Striped Skunk, “Ernie”

Meet Ernie he was orphaned and was put in a box and dropped off on our door step. When we admitted him, he was habituated to humans and was very sick. We were unsure if he was going to make it but he kept fighting so we did also! Ernie finally recovered after 3 months of various treatments. Ernie was not releasable because he was habituated to humans and his point of origin was unknown. (Usually if the point of origin is unknown we legally have to euthanize that animal). We thought we could use Ernie’s help in our educational program so we applied for an educational permit for him and it was granted. Ernie is now a permanent resident here at HWR. Ernie comes to some or our events and educational programs to help teach the public about skunks and the benefits of skunks
in our environment.

Groundhog, “Harvey”

Harvey was admitted to HWR after he was confiscated from some children. The children had found Harvey and kept him. Unfortunately, Harvey was habituated and was not a candidate for release so Harvey lives here at HWR and helps out on our educational team. Harvey goes out to our educational presentations and talks maybe you can meet him!

Opossum, “Emma”emmma

Emma was admitted orphaned and in really bad condition. She had trauma to her head, pneumonia and a skin infection. Emma was unable to survive in the wild due to the effects of the trauma to her head. She has no depth perception and is unafraid of humans and other potential dangers. So, she joined our educational team and will stay here with us at HWR so we can provide the care she needs. She will help educate the public the importance of opossums in our environment.