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Peggy Jenkins, from Heaven's Wildlife Rescue, delivered exceptional programming for the Lambton County Library's 2017 Summer Reading Program.  We had her out to seven locations and drew large local crowds to all participating branches.

Peggy brought a variety of live educational animals in to the branches and presented some animal trivia about each one. In addition to giving the kids an up close look at local Ontario wildlife, such as groundhogs, red eared slider turtle, painted turtle and skunks, Peggy did a fantastic job on educating the kids about the damage that humans can unwittingly cause to animals.

Peggy's passion in protecting local wildlife inspired the kids to ask lots of questions.  She responded enthusiastically to the kids.  She was able to adapt the program for both an indoor and outdoor space, and had interactive games that the kids could play to re-inforce the concept of safe disposal of waste items.

Peggy also brought all kinds of interesting display items, such as porcupine quills, a skunk pelt, shed snake skin, an "identify the animal poop" game and more. The kids were able to look at the various exhibits after she finished the talk, participate in the games.

Overall, I would strongly recommend Peggy Jenkins from Heaven's Wildlife Rescue for educational children's programming. The kids were energized, inspired and extremely enthusiastic participants in the program.


Lise Babcock

Children's Services Co-ordinator