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A donation to Heaven's Wildlife was made in memory of:

Don Clarke 

A donation was made by Betty Clarke to HWR in loving memory of her husband Don Who loved wild animals.

Don Clarke

In loving memory of our father and grandfather Don Clarke Love Matt, Irene, Derek and Sam


A contribution was made to HWR by Cara McCormack in memory of her friend's dog Molly.

Phil Barker

A contribution was made to HWR by Linda Cote in memory of Phil Barker.

Garry Robbins

A contribution was made to HWR by Betty Bond in memory of Garry Robbins.

Mykola Buhay

A contribution was made to HWR by Oleh and Jutta in memory of Mykola Buhay.

Gweneth Buckingham

In memory of my mother who loved raccoons! Nancy Buckingham

Lee Ann Sample

A contribution was made to HWR by Sandra McDougall in memory of Lee Ann Sample.


In memory of our sweet little Missy who suffered a stroke last Sunday..she's so loved and missed. Sandra McDougall

Dave Thomas

Remembering all the good times we had growing up. Rest in peace my friend. Dave Thomas

Delmar Dark

A contribution was made to HWR by Derek Walter in memory of Delmar Dark.

Gloria Sample

A contribution was made to HWR by Sandra McDougall in memory of Rob and Patty's mom Gloria Sample.

Thomas Authur Jenkins

A contribution was made to HWR in memory of Thomas Authur Jenkins

Graham Emslie

A contribution was made to HWR by Mac Dunlop in memory of Graham Emslie.

Ann Marie Hurst (Houle)

Cara Slaughter donated to HWR in memory of her grandmother Ann Marie Hurst (Houle)

Charlie and Henry

Cara McCormack donated to HWR  in memory of a beloved cat named Charlie and a beloved dog named Henry

Darren Bigney

A contribution was made by Joanne and Royston Smyth in memory of Darren Bigney.


A contribution was made by Danielle Chedore in memory of Kelly Plaine's duck Petunia.

Baydon Yundt

A donation was made byGerdina Goodyer. In memory of a great young man, Baydon Yundt. Who loved and had a special way with animals. You were an amazing young man to have saved Little man and many others. Let’s do the same in your memory and help rescue others.

Sonja Orbaum

To the entire OrBaum family in the loss of their mom, mother in law and grandmother , friend , matriarch, mentor, stunning role model of how to be “a good human “ humble , observant, kind, educated , cultured, worldly, interested in life , the arts, humans , animals and the environment… what a stellar legacy she left behind with each of the people who were lucky to know her , be her family or call her a friend, she will live on through each of you . Much love Tricia xoxo

Sonja Orbaum

In fond memory of Sonja Orbaum, a truly caring and curious woman who I admire for her passion for wildlife. David Hurlbut

Sonja Orbaum

In memory of my dear friend Sonja. -Jean Arklay

Sonja Orbaum

To honour the memory of an old friend, Sonja Orbaum, whom we remember with great affection and respect. Love, Judy and Mickey Coldoff

Sonja Orbaum

In memory of my greatest supporter. I'll miss you until we meet again. Love Jen Arklay

Sonja Orbaum

Dear Orbaum family: To honour the memory of your dear mother, mother-in-law and grandmother a donation has been made to HWR. Thinking of you all in your time of sorrow. Judy Hain-Cohen

Sonja Orbaum

Maria San Jose made a donation in memory of Sonja Orbaum

Sonja Orbaum

A donation was made to Heaven's Wildlife Rescue by Maria San Jose in memory of Sonja Orbaum.