Legacy Gifts

Gifts in a will:
A legacy gift in your Will can have a huge impact for injured and orphaned wildlife patients for years to come. It also allows you use of your assets in your lifetime, and is revocable should your circumstances change. There are many ways to remember HWR in your Will. It doesn’t have to be a large amount – every dollar makes a difference. All that is needed is a few sentences in your will.

Suggested wording for a residual gift:
“To pay Heaven's Wildlife Rescue Rehabilitation & Education Centre (HWR) the residue (or share of the residue) of my estate to further their mission to rehabilitate wildlife.”

Suggested wording for a specific gift:
“To pay Heaven's Wildlife Rescue Rehabilitation & Education Centre (HWR) the sum of $_____ to further their mission to rehabilitate wildlife.

Gifts of Life Insurance:

A gift of life insurance can be an affordable way to create a considerable future gift for HWR, while leaving a significant conservation legacy. If you have a fully paid policy that you no longer require, you can donate it,. You could purchase a new policy or transfer an existing one, and make HWR the owner and beneficiary,  You could also consider making HWR the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy.

Gifts of RRSP or RRIF Beneficiary:
You can make a  gift to HWR by naming us as a beneficiary of an RRSP or RRIF. You can name HWR as a beneficiary of all or a percentage of the funds,  You can make this gift outside your Will by naming HWR as a beneficiary directly on the form provided by the financial institution that manages your funds. It is easy, confidential, and you can always change the beneficiary designation at no cost.

If you have already named HWR in your will,  set up a gift of life insurance or an RRSP or RRIF please let us know in the form below, we would like to thank you and ensure you are kept up to date with news and information from our Centre.

Information that may be helpful in making a planned gift:
Our legal name is:
Heaven's Wildlife Rescue Rehabilitation & Education Centre (HWR)
Our address is:
P.O. Box 119, Oil Springs, ON N0N 1P0
Our phone number is:

Legacy Gifts:

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